Enterprise Condition Monitoring 
Increase Asset Productivity - Eliminate Unscheduled Downtime
Enterprise Condition Monitoring 

CBMvision™ has introduced a new way of handling equipment health data for the enterprise. 


The CBMvision platform is unique in that it allows large enterprise organizations to monitor daily thousands of assets for equipment condition/health. It is unlike other systems that give only “overall” condition because with CBMvision™ all of the detailed timewave (rotating) or acoustic (reciprocating) data capture is automated, meaning no more manual data collection of assets, even those that may be remote such as offshore or on pipelines.  The system includes an analytics and diagnostics engine that effectively makes your asset a “smart” asset….letting you and those you authorize (internal or external to your company) securely see not only the health status, but also the trend information over a time period. 


Cost-effective, user friendly and securely online, our open platform 
empowers maintenance and managerial staff alike.

CONDITION MONITORING AUTOMATION PLATFORM (CMAP) – a new class of prescriptive analytics technology. 

Automate your Condition Monitoring of Rotating and Reciprocating assets across the Enterprise. 

We’ve combined the power of mature technologies (vibration and acoustic diagnostics) with innovative technologies (industrial wireless, cloud, and ‘big data’ management) to provide automated early detection of failures. 

Unique features include: 

· Full time-wave and automated analytical results are available to remote experts 

· Easy integration with existing EAM, CMMS, and Business Analytics 

· Actionable alerts and alarms in “plain English” for specific mechanical conditions 

· Cost-effective data storage to enable long-term equipment trend analysis 

· Data segregation – secure rights management for internal and authorized external users 

We’ve changed the paradigm… By making this early warning data accessible to more people across the enterprise we empower true collaboration to solve equipment health issues. 

Our CBMvision™ Product Suite complements traditional enterprise asset management programs. This cost-effective Condition Monitoring Automation Platform (CMAP) is easily installed, monitors assets remotely and includes the unique ability to provide diagnostics globally.


Industrial facilities rely on equipment, such as pumps, compressors, fans, motors, and turbines. Maintaining these critical assets is crucial to uptime and performance. Today only 20% of these critical assets are proactively monitored online to determine mechanical health. CBMvision™ CMAP and its apps simplify data collection, diagnostics, and integration.


Other semi-critical assets, otherwise known as balance-of-plant assets, may have sensors installed, but are infrequently and manually sampled via scheduled route-based handheld data collectors.